Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Incredible Insects Volume 1

In my life as a DM I like to have as many options as possible, especially when my gaming group has more knowledge than is good for them. While browsing DriveThruRpg one day, I came across Incredible Insects: Volume 1. The price was less than a dollar so I pulled the trigger and made the purchase. This supplement was published by Escape Velocity Gaming.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Scarrport: City of Secrets

Cities have always held a special part in my campaigns. It started off innocently enough when one of the players in my first campaign wanted to spend some of the gold they had liberated from an evil wizard. This was over 30 years ago but I still remember it.

At this time city settings were few and me being 12 years old I didn't have the money to buy one. I had to ad-lib. As time went on, and I had managed to save a few bucks, I started to purchase a few supplements. From Waterdeep to Sanctuary I enjoyed running adventures in these exotic locations.

Review : H1-Keep on the Shadowfell

I recently purchased this adventure and although it is 2 years old I thought I would give you a mini review.I have had a love hate relationship with off the shelf adventures and have rarely included them in my campaigns. I have used them for those nights where I manage to get a group other than my regular group together. I have a large collection of them because I have been known to borrow things from then, especially new creatures, traps and cool NPCs.

World Wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day

This Saturday marks the World Wide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day. This years adventure is "Gates of Neverdeath". The adventure consists of two encounters, both of which feature combat and a skill challenge. These encounters are geared towards new players but an experienced player will still find some "meat" to sink their teeth into. This adventure also leads nicely into Wednesday's new Encounters season "Lost Crown of Neverwinter".The best part of the day in my opinion, is the players will spend the first 30 minutes creating new characters using the brand new Themes introduced in the soon to be released "Neverwinter Campaign Setting" (review coming soon). These characters will be used in this adventure and can be used in the upcoming Encounters season.Overall, this is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and an excellent opportunity to introduce your curious friends and family to the game! As for me, I will be DMing the session Saturday starting at noon at Phoenix Games on Queen Street in Kitchener, if you are in the area, stop by and say hello!

Review: Storm of Magic

I am a fairly new Warhammer player but here are my thoughts after reading the book for a few days.1) As a Skaven player, I have always had problems With both the armies of Chaos. With Storm of Magic, I can use some of the Daemon troops that cause me grief. You can also use units from Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings! There are of course rules to follow but the unit choice is pretty good.2) The magic is epic and many of the spells allow you to target a single unit, and in some cases obliterate it.

My First Blog Post

Everyone always has a silly first post about how this is the first post of their new blog. I have a few articles planned and expect to publish an article a week. I started gaming in 1979 when I got my hands on the venerable Red Box Basic Dungeons and Dragons set. Currently, I am playing 4th edition, and for record, enjoying it. I am also playing Warhammer and 40K. I am currently reading through the 3rd edition of Mutants and Masterminds.I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and find the information useful.